1. Where are ALZiP Mat products manufactured in?

- ALZiP baby products, includes materials being used, all of which are sourced, manufactured and assembled in Korea.


2. What materials are being use in ALZiP products?

- ALZiP Mat is carefree because it uses no hazardous materials from the beginning! It is the first in the industry to acquire the environment-friendly certification.
- The plastic used in particular is 100% fresh plastic included Polyethylene (PE) and Polyurethane (PU) free of hazardous substances, an incredibly useful commodity plastic and not recycled ones unlike other similar baby products, both sides of product usable.


3. Is PE/PU harmful/ toxic to my child?

- Not in solid form and fresh new ones! Recycled plastics can be harmful if not processed properly. In fact, PE/PU is often also used in food handling too. ALZiP has acquired the most certifications among mats selling in Korean market


4. The traces of the ball-point pen won't rub off. Aren't they removable?

- Scribbles written in an oily pen won't be effaced in nature. But try it with a small amount of perfume or pain reliever (liquid type). It will work to some extent. But it may spread the stains more. Do not use too much.
FYI. Do not use acetone.


5. When stepping on the mat, it sounds like a crunch of footsteps?

- Alzipmat minimizes noise, using noise reduction method. Most of the customers give us a positive feedback that their discomfort with noise has been solved. But the noise of a mat occurs from the friction between PU material and the floor surface. Therefore, it will vary by the material of the floor. In addition, every customer has a different level of sensitivity to noise. Therefore, we can't say that our products make 'zero noise'. 


6. How should I manage the mat on a regular basis?

- Gently wipe the surface of the mat with a wet cloth or cotton flannel (after squeezing the water out) and wipe the water completely out with a dry rag before using it.

- Do not use material that can damage the leather surface of the mat such as a remover, Febreze spray, thinner, wax, acetone, pain reliever (liquid type) and others.

- Do not place hot objects on the mat or direct sunlight for long. It may discolor or damage the product.

- When the product has stains from hair or hand or oil, wipe it out with a warm sponge of neutral detergent and then remove them softly with an eraser.